Everybody is extremely over-powered in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Therefore, I need some ideas on how to be on the same level of strength as them. Can anyone give me ideas on how to do that?

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You'll want to have weapons that specialize in melee attacks and weapons that specialize in ranged attacks. For both types of weapons, you'll want as high of a rating for its given damage type as possible (6 stars if possible); don't worry about the other damage type. overall defense and health modifiers are always very helpful too. Remember that higher value weapons are not always more useful, and enemies will get more points for killing you when you have a higher value weapon, so you want to balance power and value.

For ranged weapons, most players prefer staffs. Staffs and clubs are good choices for sniping, while palms, orbitars, and bows are good choices if you want high homing ability.

Charged shot and continuous fire modifiers are great for ranged weapons. Full-health boosts can be good if you plan to shoot from afar. Shot homing and shot cancellation are extremely helpful, but remember that shot homing modifiers won't help weapons that have no inherent homing ability.

For melee weapons, most players choose claws. Claws are great for melee because they hit faster than any other weapon type, and also give you a speed boost. Arms and clubs can be good for dealing a lot of damage in a short time, but won't give you the speed boost and constant hits that claws will.

Obviously, you'll want melee combo +4 and melee dash attack +4 modifiers. Other especially useful modifiers include freezing, petrification, stamina, and speed bonuses.

See Icarus Wiki's weapons pages for individual weapons. There's a lot of useful information there for deciding which weapon you want to use, but it's not complete.

As for powers, you'll want to pick ones that work well with your weapon, but also ones that you like playing. I personally love destructive powers such as Mega Laser or Explosive Flame.

For ranged weapons, Homing Boost, Quick Charge, and Slip Shot are very useful. If you're using a club for ranged attacks you should try Invisible Shots too, so your enemies don't see your shots coming.

For melee weapons, Black Hole is great for holding your enemies in place while you wail on them, as are Paralyze Attack and Petrify Attack. Interference, Darkness, and Transparency can help you sneak up on them without being seen. Tirelessness is invaluable when it comes to engaging and disengaging combat. Playing Dead is especially fun to use when fighting another melee player.

  • What if I had a club with Trade-Off and Energy Charge? Is that strong? Commented Jun 12, 2013 at 14:21
  • @IcarusNerd Both are powerful abilities and have similar weaknesses. Both take up a fairly large piece of the power grid. Also both are powers that you only want to use if you don't think you'll be hit soon afterward, since Energy Charge ends when you're hit, and Trade-Off leaves you very vulnerable. You could combine them with Transparency to help combat that. To get a similar effect in a more flexible way, try getting a high ranged damage club with full-health boost and forward-dash ch. shot modifiers, and bring health recovery to get back to full health after being hit.
    – Brian
    Commented Jun 12, 2013 at 17:07
  • Or just use Spite in an area with a bunch of people? Commented Jun 15, 2013 at 13:27
  • I wouldn't suggest trying to make a suicide bomber build for together mode. If you're looking for AoE attacks, a cannon and the Explosive Flame work well. Note that AoE isn't particularly useful in Light vs Dark because there are only 3 enemies on the entire map.
    – Brian
    Commented Jun 16, 2013 at 0:41
  • What cannon exactly? Would Doom Cannon work for that? And what does AoE mean? Commented Jun 17, 2013 at 12:32

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