I noticed that the nice people at Re-Tail buy my used goods/fish/bugs/misc. at a higher price than the Nook crime family will. In past games, however, you needed to have a combined buy/sell amount at Nook's (who is a seedy criminal) shop in order for the store to upgrade.

Am I losing something or missing out if I buy from Nook's shop and sell to Re-Tail?



Always, always sell to Re-Tail. They will always buy your items at a higher price than the Nook stores will.

While the Nookling store does upgrade in this game, they upgrade only based on the amount you have spent in their store, not the combined buy/sell amount. You can see all shop upgrades here and their requirements on their respective pages, where you can see that the only requirement is Bells spent.

So you're not missing out on anything if you buy from Nook's and sell to Re-Tail.

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    Also note the Nooklings even tell you that they'll give you a lower price than Re-Tail the first time you try to sell to them – Ben Brocka Jun 12 '13 at 13:42
  • Alright, thanks for the info! That`s exactly what I needed :) – Jonathan Pitre Jun 12 '13 at 13:45

Re-Tail gives you more money overall, but I've found that if you try to sell them beehives, they will charge you a fee while the Nook brothers will actually pay you 400 bells per beehive.

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