I just played my first ranked match but after leaving it:

  • is there a way to check the game stats again? Better yet it would be nice to access a replay feature...

  • is there at least a way to keep in touch with the guy I just played against? Say if I want to play against him/her again

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Currently there isn't. However, according to this Scrolls Guide blog post, a mod is in the works that will allow for deck importation and will also display a list of previous matches. Few details have been posted regarding the match history.

The image below is currently all the information we have regarding this coming update.

enter image description here


Summoner, the unofficial mod-loader from Scrolls Guide is out. (Get it here.) This mod provides a way for you to both see a list of your previous matches and watch a virtual-replay. Summoner is available for both Windows and OS X.

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