What are the hardware differences between the Xbox 360 slim and the Xbox 360 E?

Are there any significant improvements or benefits of the Xbox 360 E that one should consider?


The 360S(lim) and 360E are fairly similar, with some slight differences:

  • The S has 5 USB ports, where the E has 4.
  • The S was the last model to feature the "AV Connector". The E drops this port in favor of a separate HDMI port and composite (ugh) out port. Optical audio appears to be missing.
  • The case design has been updated to match the design of the Xbox One.
  • The hard drive is slightly easier to remove, although it is still only replaceable with official Microsoft replacements.

Notable elements kept constant:

  • Price & configurations. The E was introduced at the same price as the S.
  • Fans & optical drive design. This means the E likely has the same noise profile as the S.
  • Architecture. It's the same chips, same amount of flash, RAM, etc. Halo won't run any faster on it ;)

Other than the above, the Xbox 360 E is meant to be cooler (temperature) and quieter, though no-one can notice the difference.


I have the Slim and the E. They both make the same noise when running. The Slim feels like a better build. The E is a good looker, but has a cheap thin case. Other than that, they both work the same with any game. So, if you have a Slim and it's OK, keep it.

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