I've read that you can display FPS counter in battlefield 2 bad company with a command similar to BF2 (renderer.drawFps 1)

Pressing tilde seems to open a console, however I can't type anything in. I'm using an AZERY keyboard.

Did someone find a way to display FPS ?


Download Fraps for free and it will allow you to display FPS and take screenshots etc. works for everything to my knowledge.


To answer your question: there is no console in Bad Company 2. There is only a messages screen, which is accessed by pressing tilde as you've seen.

So you're stuck with Fraps to show your FPS in-game.


"Press the ~ key to toggle the console, and type: renderer.drawfps 1 "

Last entry in the page, ignore all the priors that are similar to Red's.

source for above

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