In Animal Crossing New Leaf there are rocks. I smacked one with a hammer and it crumbled leaving behind some Sapphire. I am wondering if these are one time finds as I have never seen them before.. Will the rocks slowly regenerate in AC:NL like the fossils and such??

In further investigation, only one rock broke. One dropped some coins the rest I just bounced my shovel off of.. That still leaves me with the question of if the ones the I can get the Sapphires out of will regenerate.


The rocks that have gems in them aren't actually part of your normal rocks. Every day there is a new rock out of place that you can smash for a gem. You're not actually "down" any rocks when you break it, and knowing which rocks are out of place is a good way to tell which has the gem.

  • Ah, that combined with the extra info I found out by smacking more rocks makes a bit of sense. I will keep an eye out for these!
    – James
    Jun 16 '13 at 22:14

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