I've looked at a lot of places all over the place, like Sanctuarys hole and had no luck, except for two Goliaths. I am a level 18 assassin, mainly use snipers, shotguns, and revolvers on occasion I use SMGs.

  • i remember seeing some in frostburn canyon and also on the slab king's initiation quest.
    – l I
    Jun 21 '13 at 12:42

Loot Goliaths are just rare forms of the standard Goliaths, so the best place to farm them is wherever you find Goliaths. Tundra Express has several large bandit encampments, and I tend to find them and the slot machine Goliaths regularly on this particular map. (In fact, I found one just last night right outside Tiny Tina's...)

Since they're rare, you're not going to see them often. I don't think they're particularly good for farming loot compared to other methods, given their rarity.

Farming a God-Liath requires that you have a somewhat powerful Goliath, and enough enemies to level him completely up.

Good spots to farm these guys balance three factors:

  • If the Goliath is too weak, he'll lose to the enemies
  • If there aren't enough enemy spawns, he won't level up enough
  • If he's too tough, you won't be able to kill him after he maxes out

Again, there are a lot of bandits in Tundra Express. I don't like Frostburn Canyon for this because the flamethrower nomads tend to make short work of Goliaths. When I did this for the achievement, I did it twice in Eridium Blight. There's a fairly large encampment of bandits up on the hill near Grandma's House.

  • Thank you I appreciate it and I had a god liath way to high just today he was level 28 Jun 21 '13 at 22:34

From comments at the Reddit - /r/Borderlands post, "No... DON'T kill the Goliaths!!" (I added the links to the Borderlands wiki):

...I ran into a Loot Goon Goliath at the start of Hunting the Firehawk. I kited him all the way around Frostburn Canyon, all the way up to the entrance to her lair, letting him kill anything that got in our way.
...Frostburn Canyon is a great place for kiting them around to level them up. I always get a God-liath going and let him kill Scorch for me.


The best time to make a GOD-liath is the Slab initiation. He literally did all the work. Also, in True Vault Hunter, I did a showdown to see who will become the toughest Goliath.

I love the Once and Future Slab mission. I just pop the tops off all the Goliath's then grab some popcorn and settle in for some mayhem.


Best place is at the Firehawk area u get a Goliath there they are immune to fire get a corrosive weapon hurt the bigger guy and he will fame the psycho and spiderling like crazy

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