I'm looking for summary of the values of missiles's speed and ranges, including AA and skills.

PS : The initial debate with my friend was wich skill shot is easier to land beetween Morgana's Dark Binding and Amumu's Bandage Toss and I just founded Morgana 1300 Range at 1200 speed and Amumu 1100 range but can't find the speed, anayway I'm still interested in other speeds//ranges ;-)

  • Website recommendations (and really, recommendations in general) don't really work so well for Arqade. We can probably provide some specific values for you (in this case, Amumu's speed), and hopefully a link to a wiki or something. I'd recommend re-wording it so it doesn't ask for a site.
    – Frank
    Jun 21, 2013 at 13:26

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On the wikia for league of legends it tells the projectile speed of a lot of abilities

It does tell for Amumu's Bandage toss(1800 speed and 1100 range).
and for morgana's dark binding (1200 speed and 1300 range).

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