Since I started playing KH1 I noticed that the companions are actually pretty good about following you and keeping up. I was surprised, because I noticed (when looking at them anyway) they would climb over obstacles, jump, swim, or whatever the environment happens to be, since the game is so old (2002 I think) I figured that there the my AI counterparts would have some path finding problems, but thankfully I was incorrect..

I know that if you enter through a door (or a loading point) the companion(s) will be with you no matter what, I assume this is to avoid issues. I also noticed that companions will not use vines in the Jungle either.

Please include the following information:

  • Are companions able teleport to the player
  • Assuming the question above is yes, how far away do you need to be for them to teleport?
  • Will companions try to manually get to to you, before attempting to teleport?
  • Will the companions teleport while you can see them or will they attempt to be discrete?

6/27/2013 @6:41PM - I also think it is worth noting that there isn't really any documentation on their AI except some vague descriptions.


No. They don't teleport unless, like you said, you go through a door. I've been missing a companion from time to time, but they always end up doing a super jump to get where I am, or just wait below me if they've fallen, for example.

I know this, because I've had companions stuck behind or under things, and I've had to go on without them for a little while. But whenever a companion is returning to me, they're running up, not just magically appearing, and I see them come out from behind whatever they're behind. Some pretty good path-finding AI if you ask me.


Companions can teleport to the player. Any teleport will allow the companion to teleport. The companions will try to manually get to you. If they can't get to you within 5 seconds they will teleport and they will teleport whether or not you can see them or not.

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