Call of Duty: Black Ops II uses a 'pick-10' system for online multiplayer. Meaning of all the guns, attachments, perks, grenades, and wildcards that you have unlocked, you can pick a combination of only 10 to use at one time.

Although I like this idea, it keeps the playing field more level, I would like to be able pick more than 10, to get some more attachments on my secondary, or use all my wildcard slots, etc.

In offline-multiplayer, every gun and attachment is unlocked for you. Me and my buddies have played split-screen with a 'pick-17' system, where we were able to fully custom classes using every weapon in a combination of 17 items at once.

Can you increase the max items allowed in online multiplayer? Do you get an extra one each time you prestige?


No, that's why it's called Pick-10.

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Online multiplayer is Pick-10, however there have been or may be custom events in some playlists that allow for more picks or less. These come and go and usually don't last long.

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