Well, I got the mod Spawner GUI and it's pretty cool, but I noticed it will only let you change the spawner in creative mode and NOT survival, Is there any way I can configure this? Please let me know!

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You won't be able to configure it in survival mode. There are no mods that will allow you to configure it in survival mode either. You will have to make a survival world and activate cheats. Then you can create your world make your spawner and then switch back to survival mode.

  • OK, thanks, I just wanted to know because I saw Syndicate from TheSyndicateProject do it on survival, and when I tried it, it said "You must be an opped player on creative mode".
    – Maverick
    Commented Jul 9, 2013 at 13:12

There is an alternative. MCedit. There is no need to install mods and it is an open source program. http://www.mcedit.net/ It is a world editor, so you can edit things with out enabling cheats.

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