What are all the stage changes in Mega Man X (example: after defeating Storm Eagle, Spark Mandrill's stage is damaged, has intermittent blackouts, and the mini-boss can't charge his lightning attack), and what causes them?

I'm aware of 3 (freezing Flame Mammoth's stage, flooding Sting Chameleon's, and the aforementioned Spark Mandrill change) - are there more?

  • I believe those are all of them. Commented Jul 8, 2013 at 22:50

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Unfortunately that's all the stage changes through boss killing. Destroying the battle ship in Launch octopus's stage does open up another path (which changes the stage in a way, but not the same as the other three you mentioned).


I doubt this counts, but if you beat the green mini boss of Sting Chameleons stage that gives you the body upgrade: the avalanche in the cave(still in Sting Chameleons stage) doesn't happen.

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