Is it possible to reset skill points in Witcher 2 ? If not (still nice to know), what is the best way to spend the skills. Not that you invest in only one tree but in all of them. Can you max all skill trees. What are the most rewarding skills that should be taken first ?

Also how important is the training skill tree ?

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Yes there is a way to reset the skill tree by finding the operator in chapter 3, this is the only opportunity in the entire game to do so and requires specific actions from the previous chapters to set up.

It is impossible to max all the skill trees since the maximum level is 35.

The training tree is not too important but it does offer 2 mutagen slots.

As for the most rewarding skills, that depends entirely on your play style. You can go full swordsmanship, full signs, or full alchemy, or a mix of the three.


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