I've been playing the lite version of Game Dev Tycoon and every playthrough I get the same message for the Master V. Can it ever do good in North America or does it always fail? I was hoping there would be some random factor to the consoles but it doesn't appear there is. Can someone clear this up for me? Do the consoles follow the same pattern no matter what or can they be random?


Yes, all systems follow a timeline that roughly corresponds to the real life schedule of the various consoles and devices.

Below is the full timeline (at the base game speed - this gets stretched out or condensed depending on the game speed setting):

Y1 M1 W1 (Start of Game)

Y2 M1 W2

  • TES released.

Y3 M2 W3

Y3 M9 W2

Y4 M2 W4

Y4 M6 W2

Y5 M2 W4

Y5 M12 W4

Y6 M6 W2

  • TES discontinued.

Y7 M7 W1

Y8 M4 W1

Y9 M2 W1

Y9 M8 W1

Y10 M8 W3

Y10 M11 W1

Y11 M3 W4

Y11 M5 W2

Y11 M12 W4

Y12 M11 W3

Y12 M12 W1

Y13 M8 W4

  • GS released.

Y14 M1 W4

Y14 M3 W4

  • PPS released.

Y14 M4 W2

Y15 M2 W3

Y16 M5 W4

Y16 M8 W4

Y17 M2 W3

  • MBox discontinued.

Y17 M4 W4

  • Nuu released.

Y17 M12 W4

Y18 M6 W3

Y18 M9 W1

Y20 M10 W4

Y20 M12 W4

  • Wuu released.

Y21 M6 W4

  • Nuu discontinued.

Y21 M8 W4

Y22 M2 W3

Y22 M3 W3

Y22 M9 W3

Y260 M12 W4 (End of Game)

  • PC no longer available.
  • GS no longer available.
  • Wuu no longer available.
  • PPS no longer available.
  • Playsystem 4 no longer available.
  • MPad no longer available.
  • MBox Next no longer available.
  • GrPhone no longer available.
  • GrPad no longer available.

Data taken from the respective wikia pages.

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  • Good job Compiling that list. – Samyam Jul 18 '13 at 14:05
  • @SamyamA Oh, it's just the dates transcribed and sorted from the wikia. Not too much effort. Just figured the actual list would be a nice addition. – user98085 Jul 18 '13 at 14:10
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    Y261 - nuclear apocalypse happens. People too busy living Fallout to be able to play it. – shanodin Aug 26 '13 at 8:24

Yes the consoles follow the same pattern everytime. Most of the consoles in game are influenced by real world consoles. They always follow the destiny of their real world counterparts. Even their timelines are influenced by their relative real world release times.

So console timelines and their success or failure are pretty much fixed.

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