I see that there are six (6) hidden Steam achievements (Feature Complete, Extra Lives, Nice to Meat You, Teh Internets, Bonus Levels, and Behind the Scenes) with no descriptions and I have no idea how to get them. Do I need to rewatch the movie if I have already? Can I skip around? What are the unlock conditions? Where are they hidden?


According to this site, the achievements are as follows:

Feature Complete - Watch Indie Game: The Movie.

Extra Lives - Watch all the Indie Game: The Movie extras.

Nice to Meat You - Listen to Team Meat's Indie Game: The Movie commentary track.

Teh Internets - Press the Twitter or Facebook buttons on the Indie Game: The Movie extras menu.

Bonus Levels - Watch all the Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition segments.

Behind the Scenes - Listen to the Indie Game: The Movie director's commentary track.

Game Master - Get a perfect score in Indie Game: The Movie: The Game.

  • Thanks, but do you know how they work? Can you skip sections, or does everything have to run straight through?
    – Wolf
    Jul 20 '13 at 21:41
  • I had to watch the segments straight through. Might have been because I switched computers halfway through. Aug 3 '13 at 20:59

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