Let's say I have two drives liked this:

Drive 1

  • 99 cobble
  • 1 wood

Drive 2

  • 1 cobble
  • 99 wood

Now, if I plug both drives into an empty, powered ME drive, would the system be smart enough to automatically consolidated the items to minimize item type count so that drive 1 has 100 cobble and drive 2 has 100 wood?

If this is not possible, is there an easy way to "defragment" these isolated item blocks?


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The stacks will stay right where they are. The way that I prevent this is by making an IO Port, and sticking the new storage cells with duplicate entries in before connecting it to the network. This is a block that will take any items in a storage cell, and insert them into its network, leaving you with an empty storage cell.

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