So, I use FNVEdit 3.0.30 (latest to the date) to create a merged patch for Fallout New Vegas, its idea is to auto-mix mods.

1) The problem is the groups Containers and Factions got messed; entries were missing... All other groups seems ok!? How to be sure? I just remove such groups from the merged patch. Any advice?

2) How to remove/delete items from containers on FNVEdit? I right click and click on Remove but the entry wont go away, is it bugged or is there some other way to do that? I press del key but nothing happens either...

EDIT: 3) And how to remove a master reference from an esp file? no matter what I do, the reference wont go away...

I know these are many questions, I wonder if there is some guide somewhere with all that stuff explained?

If you know one or other answer, it is ok, I will like it too :)


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There was about 15 dead FNVEdit processes, look at Ctrl+Shift+ESC on Windows XP, after restarting it several times...

I believe it was the cause of that inconsistent FNVEdit behavior.

To fix that, just boot the machine; ALL problems VANISHED!

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