I recently got a Quirt's Summer Stash Treasure Box in Dota 2, but when I select 'Peek Inside', it doesn't show me what I'll get!

Quirt's Summer Stash

So the question is, does anyone know what does 'Quirt's Summer Stash' contain?

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As per its tooltip, Quirt's Summer Stash contains one of the following items:

The links lead to the Dota 2 Wiki (a Gamepedia subwiki) and feature images and descriptions of the various items.


Well after hovering on the treasure box icon for a bit, I actually found this:

Quirt's Summer Stash Reveal

Here are the list of items you can get :

Flying Desolation
Twin Serpent Bow
Raven Scythe
Headdress of the Protector
Aghanim's Basher
Nature's Grip
Meat Dragger
Stone Infusion
Spine Splitter
or an Exceedingly Rare Special Item!

Still, it doesn't show you the item icons of what you might get, it just displays the items in words, unlike the other chests...

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