How long does it usually take for HHA orders to reach your mailbox?

I ordered two items the other day at around 1-2am and they arrived almost instantly, but the last two days have ordered items around 9am-12pm and they only arrive the next day.

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Mail deliveries from HHA and the catalogue are at 9AM and 5PM. If your mailbox was full, you won't receive your items until the next scheduled delivery.


What Spectro said it's true. I always receive them the next day or at 5pm that very same day if I bought them that morning early.

Remember if you're playing with time (time traveling / date changing and such) the mail man will be affected and will come at random times, some days he won't even come at all.

  • I haven't done any time travel. I just think it's weird that the first time I ordered from the HHA it arrived instantly, but all subsequent times they only arrive the next day. :\
    – Tora
    Commented Aug 2, 2013 at 6:09

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