So... does the Abaddon immortal item from the 2013 compendium, Mace of the Chosen, modify anything? I am pretty sure it doesn't change the normal attacks. Curse of Avernus, Shadow Coil, and Borrowed Time seem to be unchanged as well. So am I missing something, or is it just a weapon model change?


Originally, it didn't change any effects, but in the July 30th, 2013 patch, they added a new effect for Apothic Shield, which basically removes the transparency on the black behind the swirls:

Normal Apothic Shield

With Mace of the Chosen:
Mace Apothic Shield

Here's a video of the new effect:

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    I love how they have done it. It still fits the hero color pattern, but it is noticeably different.
    – Bloodcount
    Aug 1 '13 at 7:45

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