I just encountered someone doing a last hit tutorial match, and now I wonder what other commands exist, since I was not able to find them.

Current I have - open console, enter

dota_tutorial_start lasthit

Are there others? (note, I am not interested in the ones given via the Play -> Training interface, but special ones like the lasthit)

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    I wish there would be a juking one. Like starting with 40 HP, having a hero with 150 HP behind you, and try to survive until you have enough mana to nuke him down or similar. Would be epic :D
    – SinisterMJ
    Aug 3, 2013 at 17:12

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I've just scoured the internet and found this website http://dev.dota2.com/showthread.php?t=102493.

The commands for all tutorials are:

  • dota_tutorial_start lasthit
  • dota_tutorial_start lasthit_training – 10 Last and 5 Deny
  • dota_tutorial_start mid1v1_tier1_tutorial – Destroy Tier 1 Tower
  • dota_tutorial_start mid1v1_tutorial – Destroy 2 towers
  • dota_tutorial_start midonly – Mid only vs 2 bot
  • dota_tutorial_start train_pudge – Pudge Training
  • dota_tutorial_start tutorial_m1 – TUTORIAL: MECHANICS 1
  • dota_tutorial_start tutorial_m2 – TUTORIAL: MECHANICS 2
  • dota_tutorial_start tutorial_test – TUTORIAL: TEST

Note: I actually don't play Dota 2 and got my info off the internet.

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