Each level has four trophies you can earn. There's only one trophy that I haven't determined the exact criteria for:

  • 1P: Complete the mission single player, or by yourself
  • MP: Complete the mission multiplayer, or with one or more teammates
  • +: Not 100% sure, have a few ideas
  • ♦: Complete the mission collecting all coins (cleaned out)

What is the exact criteria for the health trophy? Here are a few of my guesses:

  • Complete the mission without using a health pack
  • Complete the mission without you personally dying
  • Complete the mission without anyone dying

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Your last guess is correct - complete the mission without any player dying. In singleplayer mode, this only applies to you. In multiplayer, however, it applies to all players.

There's no problem with enemy characters dying or using health packs, though.

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