My child Lucia is stuck under the world in Skyrim and if I do player.placeatme, it's a brand new Lucia that I can't adopt and the original one still exists. I need her out so I can move my family to my new home.

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You have to use the RefID and not the BaseID. You should be able to fix this by following these steps:

  1. Type help Lucia. You should get a value like 01003F5F. This is Lucia's BaseID, which will spawn new copies of her.
  2. Convert the BaseID into a RefID. For Lucia, just change the last F to an E. In the above example, you would get 01003F5E.
  3. Use prid <RefID>. In this example, you would type prid 01003F5E.
  4. Finally, use moveto player to have Lucia move to you.
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