So I'm a bit confused by things going around about how Runaan's Hurricane interacts with caitlyn's passive. I understand that the other attacks from runaan's add stacks but if you're in the brush are the shots from the smaller bolts also doubled thus making a total of 6 stacks if you're in the bush and attacking three targets? So far I have only found assumptions on the internet. Anyone have a good link or tested this out themselves?

  • I would say it does because Caitlyn's passive adds a Headshot Stack and an extra stack if in a bush. Considering Runaan's Hurricane applied on-hit effects they'd also need to be affected by her passive. Then again, only the primary shot fired from her autos can trigger the bonus damage, this would make me sceptical. – MisterBla Aug 8 '13 at 0:28

Here are some basic things to know about Caitlyn's passive. Each time you basic attack, Caitlyn stacks a passive. Once this passive reaches 5 stacks, your next basic attack will give you the Headshot buff, which gives your next basic attack bonus damage.

Therefore, Caitlyn's passive has 6 states: uncharged, 1-4 stacks, and charged.

Here are some trials I ran without Runaan's Hurricane:

From bush: Uncharged -> 2 stacks
Not from bush: Uncharged -> 1 stack
From bush: 4 stacks -> Uncharged (used up passive)
Not from bush: 4 stacks -> Charged

And here are the trials with Runaan's Hurricane:

From bush: 2 stacks -> Charged (hit 3)
Not from bush: 2 stacks -> Charged (hit 3)

From bush: Charged -> 4 (hit 3, used passive)
Not from bush: Charged -> 2 (hit 3, used passive)

With this data, we can derive two salient points.

  1. Runaan's Hurricane will give 2 stacks for Caitlyn's passive if she is in the bush.
  2. Caitlyn's passive will not increase damage for nor be consumed by Runaan's Hurricane's procs.

Note: If Runaan's Hurricane hits before Caitlyn's basic attack and stacks up her passive for her, then Caitlyn's basic attack will consume the Headshot buff and deal bonus damage.

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