I bought my own copy of ACNL yesterday, and I was wondering how to achieve 100% approval rating? I'm doing everything I could think of, my brother said he got it in 1 day on his copy... I really wanna start building some PWP's!



Here's a list of the specific things you can do to get approval points:

  • Sell rubbish (cans, boots etc…) to Re-Tail - 1 point
  • Change the town tune - 3 points*
  • Change the town flag - 3 points*
  • Sell items to Re-Tail - 3 points*
  • Write on the bulletin board - 3 points*
  • Do jobs for residents - 3 points
  • Water flowers - 1 point
  • Pull weeds - 1 point
  • Donate to museum - 7 points*
  • Upgrade your tent to a house - 20 points*

*Only obtain points the first time you do this

(via BidoofCrossing's "How to Get a Perfect Approval Rating")

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    I think if you talk to isabelle she'll tell you one of the things you can still do for points – Ben Brocka Aug 10 '13 at 16:27
  • Doing resident jobs (make sure they are completable) is a great way to get points and get items. Two birds with one stone. – Shadow Z. Dec 27 '13 at 17:47

Well you can help animal villagers, donate to the museum, and upgrade your house. You can also write letters and write on the bulletin board too, selling items at re-tail and other stuff. Hope this helps

You can also pick fleas off of villagers using a bug net, just swipe at them.

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