Taking into account a weapon's base damage, and any modifiers from modules to include regular damage, armor-piercing damage, elemental damage, and the mitigation from an enemy's shield and armor, what is the equation for how damage is calculated in Warframe?

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    The TLDR is "it's complicated". The members of the Warframe community that have done the most in-depth investigations of how damage is calculated have made an Excel spreadsheet you can use to calculate how much damage a given weapon does with given mods. Aug 10, 2013 at 0:00
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If you're here from the future, the damage calculator pointed out by Oblivious Sage is outdated as of Damage 2.0. Warframe's wikia site has an up-to-date, extensive paragraph on damage calculation, along with formulas.

The system is quite complex, but the gist is:

  • Enemies (and NPCs, and warframes) are made of "health materials" - ie. different types of health, shields and armor.
  • Every "health material" applies different multiplier against different damage types.
  • When you attack, the final damage within your attack is calculated separately for each damage type.
    • Health is a plain, old health bar. If it's depleted, the enemy dies.
    • Shields is a separate health bar that serves as a protection for health bar. If it's depleted, the damage goes to health.
    • Armor is not a health bar. It adds its own multipliers on top of health's multiplier (cumulatively) and reduces damage the health takes. However,
      • the more armor the enemy has, the more weight armor's multiplier has over health's multiplier,
      • damage types strong against armor reduce that protection (dealing more damage), while damage types weak against armor increase that protection (dealing less damage) - on top of the damage multiplier.

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