My turn, before combat.


  • Giant Scorpion 1/3


  • Giant Scorpion 1/3

I cast Hunt the Weak selecting both Scorpions. In response to Hunt still on stack I cast Giant Growth on my Scorpion.

After Growth resolution, my Giant Scorpion was 4/6, as expected.

Now Hunt the Weak resolves and...they both go to graveyard?! :O

Fight mechanic is not dealing combat damage.

Deathtouch mechanic is combat damage and (its deadliness) should not be counted for Fight.

The outcome should have been that the oponents Scorpion should have died because of 4 dmg received and mine should have just 1 damage on his 6 toughness (and should have been able to attack for 4).

Right? Seems like a bug in DOTP 2014 :(


Deathtouch (and Lifelink) works with every type of damage and with Fight the creature is doing the damage. The comprehensive rulebook says:


702.2c A creature with toughness greater than 0 that’s been dealt damage by a source with deathtouch since the last time state-based actions were checked is destroyed as a state-based action

No mention of combat damage here.


701.10a A spell or ability may instruct a creature to fight another creature or it may instruct two creatures to fight each other. Each of those creatures deals damage equal to its power to the other creature.

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  • seems valid, thanks. Then DOTP 2013 has the same (but reversed) bug because there a creature fought my creature that had deathtouch and didn't die. – Saran Aug 11 '13 at 21:12

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