I have a server and the Ender dragon has been defeated. However, returning to The End does not respawn the Ender Dragon. How can I get the final boss back on a vanilla server without using mods?


Minecraft 1.9 and higher

To respawn the Ender Dragon, you must craft 4 End Crystals:

End Crystal crafting recipe

Place them around the End portal like so:

End crystal placement

A respawning sequence will begin, refreshing the obsidian towers and original ender crystals, and then the dragon is spawned above the portal.

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Minecraft 1.8 and lower

Most servers I've seen just reset the whole dimension by deleting the DIM1 (vanilla) or world_the_end (CraftBukkit) folder.

There is another way to respawn the Ender dragon, that will keep the player builds in The End, but it is a bit more complicated: You need an NBT editor (like NBT Explorer). You need to open DIM1\r.0.0.mca and edit in Chunk [0, 0] the TerrainPopulated property to 0:

NBT Explorer screenshot

When the chunk is loaded again, the dragon will be re-created. Note that this will also re-create the obsidian tower(s) in that (0, 0) chunk. Also note that when you kill the new dragon, a new exit portal with a new dragon egg will be created – you may want to switch to creative to remove the unnecessary ones.

From version 1.9, the Ender dragon can be summoned in-game by placing four Ender Crystals on the edges of the exit portal pool, one on each side. More details on the Minecraft Wiki - Ender Dragon

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Use WorldEdit

It can be done from in game with the WorldEdit plugin (which most servers do), without needing to delete the -dim 1 folder, and therefore preserving any structure you built away from the main platform in the End.

It's rather easy:

  1. Go through the end portal.
  2. //wand
  3. Left click on one corner of the end platform
  4. Go to opposite corner (at least 200m away) and make a pile of blocks roughly 20 high
  5. Right click top block on your pile
  6. //regen

And poof, everything in that entire area is as it original was. Hurry and /spawn before the dragon can generate and it wont even be there until a new player comes through the portal.

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Use Commands

The following command will summon an Ender Dragon:

/summon EnderDragon ~ ~ ~
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Use Enderspawn

In vanilla Minecraft, spawning in an Ender Dragon Egg won't work:

You can get a plain white spawn egg that reads Spawn Ender Dragon by typing /give [player] 383 1 63, which is the item ID. However, when you try to spawn it, you cannot and it does not really work as anything.
taken from the wiki: Minecraft Wiki Enderdragon

Instead, you can use EnderSpawn - a server plugin that allows you to easily respawn the Ender Dragon, without having to regenerate the End and lose any player constructions.

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