I have a server and the Ender dragon has been defeated. However, returning to The End does not respawn the Ender Dragon. How can I get the final boss back on a vanilla server without using mods?

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The below answer is relevant mostly for versions before 1.9. Since 1.9 the ender dragon can be summoned in-game by placing four ender crystals on the edges of the exit portal pool, one on each side.

Most servers I've seen just reset the whole dimension by deleting the DIM1 (vanilla) or world_the_end (CraftBukkit) folder.

There is another way to respawn the ender dragon, that will keep the player builds in The End, but it is a bit more complicated: You need an NBT editor (like NBT Explorer). You need to open DIM1\r.0.0.mca and edit in Chunk [0, 0] the TerrainPopulated property to 0:

NBT Explorer screenshot

When the chunk is loaded again, the dragon will be re-created. Note that this will also re-create the obsidian tower(s) in that (0, 0) chunk. Also note that when you kill the new dragon, a new exit portal with a new dragon egg will be created – you may want to switch to creative to remove the unnecessary ones.


It can be done from in game, and without deleting the -dim 1 folder. However you must have the plugin World Edit, as most servers do.

It's rather easy:

  1. Go through the end portal.
  2. //wand
  3. Left click on one corner of the end platform
  4. Go to opposite corner (at least 200m away) and make a pile of blocks roughly 20 high
  5. Right click top block on your pile
  6. //regen

And poof, everything in that entire area is as it original was. Hurry and /spawn before the dragon can generate and it wont even be there until a new player comes through the portal.

This way any structure you built out in the end away from the main platform are saved intact.


just do /summon EnderDagon ~ ~ ~

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You can get a plain white spawn egg that reads Spawn Ender Dragon by typing /give [player] 383 1 63, which is the item ID. However, when you try to spawn it, you cannot and it does not really work as anything.
taken from the wiki: Minecraft Wiki Enderdragon

In vanilla Minecraft from in-game, it is not possible to spawn the Ender dragon.

There is a plugin that allow you to do it: EnderSpawn.

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When someone kills the ender dragon,the ender dragon left a egg when it died,basically,someone broke the egg.I would just try leaving the egg alone,till it hatches.

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    The egg doesn't hatch. – SirBenet May 17 '15 at 21:29

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