Alcatel OneTouch 983, Android 2.3.7

I needed more colours, so I picked up the free Despicable Me 2 colour set from the shop. The five new colours have appeared at the beginning of the palette; however, two of the five basic colours have been pushed off the screen.

So now I have 10 colours, as confirmed on the shop screen. However, I can only access 8 of them. I imagined that swiping my finger across the palette would scroll it, but it doesn't (in either direction).

How am I supposed to get at my blue and green now? Help me please!

  • Since I originally posted this I discovered that there's a bug in the app's screen size detection, and so the UI was disappearing off the screen. And this is what had happened to two of my colours. So I guess the answer is "wait for the developer to fix the bug". Unless it has been fixed since I last played it.... – Stewart Jul 28 '14 at 12:31

If you tap the arrow under the palette, you will see the rest of your colours.

  • Already tried that - didn't work. – Stewart Jul 27 '14 at 22:06

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