I just updated Minecraft: Pocket Edition to 0.7.3. I noticed however, when I'm playing survival mode I don't have any mobs and my life hearts regenerate automatically.

I know about peaceful mode but the new version doesn't have a way to do that. How do I get my mobs back?


You are on Peaceful. Load your save, open the Pause menu, choose Options and from the first screen that appears (the Game options menu) slide the Difficulty slider all the way to the right.

There is no longer a "Peaceful mode" control, but there is still Peaceful mode. It is activated by setting the difficulty slider to the left. The difficulty slider now has only two settings: left and right, with no middle setting. Left is Peaceful, right is normal difficulty.


I noticed this when I updated too. You are in the peaceful mode. To undo this, you pause the game, and move the slider all the way to the right. Voilà!

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