The first time I tried to take them on I was only level 10. Now I returned at level 14 with more tricks up my sleeve and I still can't beat them. They seem to be completely immune to all magic so I can't even CC them. Every spell I cast at them - hexes, stuns, prisons - don't affect them at all.

How do you go by and kill them?


They have some really heavy health and a ton of resistances. I used my Level 11 Warden (rogue) to backstab then stealth, backstab then stealth until he was at about half health.

Then I charged my tank in and I kept backstabbing. I had Morrigan and Wynne healing as best they could and just winded him down. It takes a bit, but it can be done.

If you're a mage, I suggest using a similar tactic, but focus on healing your tank and doing as much damage as possible when he is okay.

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I believe I have devised the best strategy for revenant killing:

  • Revenents are immune to cold damage, but you could still freeze them solid with cone of cold.
  • The revival ability in spirit healer is invaluable when defeating them, so take Wynne along.
  • Sten is quite effective but he dies easily. Bump up his constitution.
  • Kill the skeletons first so that you can focus all your power on the revenant.

Remember to do the elven ritual with the stolen book (from dalish) and tablet (in the ruin) to get the juggernaut plate.

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Though this is an old question here is my tactic to go without loosing any party member (normal difficulty). I had 3 mages (me, Morrigan, Wynn) and Leliana with bow.

  • First I cast Force Field on him to deal with skeletons without his interference (me and Morrigan both know it so at least one always was successfull)
  • Deal with skeletons;
  • Cast Misdirection Hex on revenant. If he is left alone then he won't be able to do any damage to you (except very rare critical hits and pull/mass pull which in my opinion he casts only after being disabled for some time)

So if two of your mages have both Force Field and Misdirection Hex then generally you can keep him from attacking you indefinitey. Also Force Field could be used to give you some time to wait for other abilities to get off cooldown

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