In Minecraft there are several items that can be placed together in a 3x3 or 2x2 block to create a "block of _____". I've seen it done with Redstone, Coal, Wheat, and Lapis. What other items can be compressed into blocks so that inventory and chest space can be reduced? I have researched many times and always end up finding one or two new items. What is the full list of compact-able items?

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There are actually quite a few number of "compactable" blocks as of Minecraft 1.14.

For reference, some of these blocks are reversible, meaning that they can be turned back into 9 or 4 of the base material by placing them in a crafting grid or by breaking them.

Others are non-reversible, meaning they either cannot be turned back into their constituents at all, or else you receive less than 9 or 4.

Blocks crafted as 3×3 of base material

Blocks crafted as 2×2 of base material


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