I've seen a few players who had the fishcake, and though I'm aware it is just a reskin of another food item, I still would like to have it. I checked the Mann Co. Store, but it's not available for purchase. Is my only option to trade for it, or are there other options?

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The Fabricate Class Weapon blueprint can no longer create this item, but it is still craftable by using three Moustachium Bars and a Fish, which are promotional items earned in SpaceChem. SpaceChem can also give the items required to craft the SpaceChem Pin, another TF2 item.

Source: TF2 wiki


You can not obtain the fishcake as it was removed from the Fabricate Class Weapon blueprint.

I think if you have crafted it before it was removed then you would still be able to have this item.

You can try crafting it now, but not sure if it will work. you can see the ingredients here, otherwise you can trade for it, I found the following on team fortess 2 wiki:

If a player crafts an untradable Fishcake, clicking on the Fishcake item in their >backpack and pressing the Restore button will make it tradable.

hope this helps.

  • There are a bunch for trade on TF2WH for about 4 refined.
    – Gigazelle
    Commented Aug 20, 2013 at 18:00

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