I have a heir whose stats are really bad. Seeing as how my ruler is still young, I have a large chance of having another child.

Is it possible to kill render him unfit for duty? Either through spy actions or a console command?

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There are no direct covert actions that will let you kill your heir. However, do not lose hope, for there is still a chance at murder.

  • There are a few random events that can either: a) let you choose an option that kills your heir or, b) simply kills your heir (the hunting accident event, for example)

A much more direct approach:

  • You can assign your heir to become a general in the Military tab. Then, put him in command of a thousand brave troops and send him to war against an overwhelming enemy. Repeat until he is dead.

With the Rights of Man DLC enabled:

  • A country may disinherit an heir if so is wished, at a cost of 50 prestige. After this action is done the country won't have any legal heir and will be at risk of falling under a Personal Union, just like any other country without a legal heir (It is not possible to "return" to the disinherited heir).
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If you don't mind using cheats, there's a console command: kill_heir

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Make your heir a general. Let him lead an army of 1000, put the army on a fleet of a single transport, and send the fleet into open ocean and watch the attrition destroy it.

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