I've decided to look into EV training to make my Pokemon stronger in a competitive battle. I know about how to train EVs, using items such as Macho Brace or Power Bracer etc, but I was wondering what routes/caves/surf areas/other places were best for each specific EV stat.

My version is Pokemon Black, and I've beaten the Elite 4 and Alder and have access to all areas of the game.

I know that on Route 1, all you can find are Lillipup and Patrat, both of which give +1 Attack EV.
That makes for a 100% chance to get +1 Attack EVs per kill.

I also know that in the cave beside Route 3, all you can find are roggenrola and woobat, which give +1 Defense EV and +1 Speed EV respectively.
This results in only a 50% chance to get +1 Defense EV per kill, or a 50% chance to get +1 Speed EV per kill.

I'd like to know where all the statistically most rewarding places to find each EV are, to minimize the time it takes to EV train.
I believe I know already that route 1 is the best for Attack, but I would also like to know about Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed, and Health.

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    Presumably, if there was a route with 50% chance for +1 Attack, and 50% chance for +2 attack, (or something similar) that would be faster than doing Route 1 (albeit requiring more math). – Raven Dreamer Aug 23 '13 at 15:09
  • @RavenDreamer yes, I was thinking the same thing before I posted the question. Hopefully if someone does find such a route they will add it to their answer :) – hammythepig Aug 23 '13 at 15:13


  • Surf in Icirrus City - Stunfisk (100%, 2 HP EV)

Note also, There's Victini (for 3 HP EV) that can be rebattled infinitely as long as it is not caught.


  • Route 1 - Lillipup and Patrat (total 100%, 1 Atk EV)
  • Dragonspiral Tower 2F - Golett (100%, 1 Atk)
  • Dragonspiral Tower 1F - Golett and Mienfoo (total 70%, 1 Atk), Druddigon (30%, 2 Atk)
  • Outside of Dragonspiral Tower, Double Grass - Tranquill, Sawsbuck and Druddigon (total 70%, 2 Atk), and Mienfoo (30%, 1 Atk)

Note that During Winter, the Double Grass location changes up. notably with Tranquill being replaced by Vanillish (30%, 2 SpAtk).


  • Wellspring Cave - Roggengola (50%, 1 Def)
  • Pinwheel Forest - Venipede and Sewaddle (total 50%, 1 Def)
  • Pinwheel Forest Double Grass - Swadloon and Whirlipede (total 50%, 2 Def)
  • Chargestone Cave - Klink, Ferroseed and Boldore (59%, 1 Def)

Note that Boldore also gives 1 Atk in addition to 1 Def!


  • Celestial Tower - Litwick and Elgyem (100%, 1 SpAtk)

Note that there is a nurse on 3F of the Celestial Tower


  • Surf in Driftveil City - Frillish (100%, 1 SpDef)


  • Surf on Route 3 - Basculin (100%, 2 Speed)

Note loads of places with Surf have 100% Basculin, but this one is reachable from a pokécenter without going trough tall grass.


  • Really nice answer, thanks - the note about the nurse particularly useful. – shanodin Aug 23 '13 at 17:25

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