What opportunities are there to help the EZIC organization?

Are there any risks to helping them?

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Spoilers below, beware.

  1. You get two pieces of paper, one with lots of symbols and another one with holes. Match the holes using the squares on top of the letter paper to get 2 names of people to let through. By letting at least one through, you get a gift from the Order.

    Taking the gift will cause the ministry of economy to start investigating you.

  2. You are given a poison and some instructions by a member of the Order. You can then kill the person they want you to kill.

    This will also kill one of the guards.

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    Risk of helping: Doing anything to help EZIC will change the game ending. When you're asked to shoot the red guy, it's game over.
    – MisterBla
    Commented Sep 4, 2013 at 14:56

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