I've been having trouble gauging whether or not I want to purchase the Civ V DLC, because it's hard to find out how the DLC civs play before purchasing them outright.

What available civilizations are not part of the base game, and what are the unique units/buildings and unique ability of the DLC civilizations?

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The Civilization 5 Wiki states the following for Babylon


Free Great Scientist upon invention of Writing. Double rate of generating Great Scientists throughout the game.

The Bowman replaces the Archer, it is stronger in melee (6 vs 4) and ranged (8 vs 6). The Walls of Babylon replace the walls, they are stronger (7.5 vs 5 defense) and they increase the bombardement damage of the city.

for Spain

Seven Cities of Gold:

Gold received for discovering Natural Wonders (more if first to discover). Natural Wonder provide double Culture, Happiness and yields.

The Tercio replaces the Musketman, it is stronger (18 vs 16), has a 100% bonus against mounted units, but is more expensive (140 vs 120). The Conquistador replaces the Knight, but it can found cities.

and for the Inca

Great Andean Road:

Hill terrain cost ignored. Half improvement cost; improvements on hills free.

The Slinger replaces the Archer, it is weaker in melee (2 vs 4) but it has a chance to withdraw before combat. The unique improvement is the Terrace Farm, which is a farm that can be built on hills and needs no fresh water.

I also found this official announcement for Spain and Inca from Greg 2K of 2k games which confirms the information from the Wiki.

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According to the Civilization 5 Wiki there are two new DLC civilizations since the previous reply: The Danish and the Polynesian.


Ability Viking Fury: Embarked Units have extra movement and less movement cost to move from sea to land. No movement cost to pillage improvements.

Building: None

Unit Berserker: Replaces Longswordman. +1 movement and amphibious. (No penalty for attacking from sea or across river.)

Unit Norwegian Ski Infantry: Replaces Rifleman. +25% combat bonus and double movement on tundra, snow and hills if forest or jungle is not present.


Ability Wayfinding: Can embark and move over oceans immediately. +1 Sight when embarked. +10% Combat Strength bonus if within 2 tiles of a Moai.

Improvement Moai (Easter Island statue): +1 culture, plus additional culture if built next to another Moai.

Unit Maori Warrior: Replaces Warrior. -10% combat penalty for adjacent enemies.

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