I have a Bukkit server between friends and we don't log on too often; maybe every week or so. It's a bit discouraging to log on and see that none of our farms have grown, none of our auto harvesters have harvested anything.

I don't want to leave the chunks running all the time (I also haven't been able to find a good mod for this in any case) because my server is running on a shared machine and I don't want to always spend server resources on it.

Is there a way to maybe schedule the chunks loading? Maybe ... for one hour a day?


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Bukkit has a few, mostly outdated, plugins that allow for the loading of chunks when there are no players nearby, ChunkLoader is one of them, albeit still experimental(use at your own risk). If you can and are willing to, you may change your server to a forge, chicken_bones has created a mod named ChickenChunks which uses craftable blocks to load chunks. Neither mod has the ability to schedule loaded chunks, but ChickenChunks can be configured to only be active while a (any) player is logged in.


One way to accomplish chunk loading without a mod, is to use hopper loops as discussed in this question: Can I use a hopper loop as a chunk loader?

Starting and stopping the server automatically is a different issue. I've not dug into that, however, I would look to see if there are command line options to minecraft that would enable it to be started from a script.

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