Recoil is removed in spec. mode. But in some big organization (e.g. Techlabs at yesterday) they stream from source with actual recoil ingame. But normally when you spectate or watch a demo there is no recoil at all. so I belive there is a command for this.

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RCON sv_recoil 1

Look here, http://www.nitroserv.com/fr/forum/topic/csgo-les-plugins/37526/csgo-cvar-and-command-list/

Many others are also having this problem, just like you my friend. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3090557

I do not belive theres a command for this though, VALVE will probably fix this in the future i asume.

  • Can you clarify your answer, please? You provide a command to modify one of the server variables but this doesn't affect spectator mode, as far as I know.
    – Schism
    Jan 4, 2014 at 5:07

If Spectators have no Recoil, this command has been Set up in the configuration file:

sv_specnoclip "1"

Set sv_specnoclip "0" to make the Recoil visible in Spectating-Mode.

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