In order to cure my character's vampirism, I need to find 5 Grand Soul Gems to give to the witch. Where can I find these?

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The walkthrough for the Vampire Cure quest on the UESP Wiki gives locations. Mostly you have to find them while adventuring, but starting this quest places 3 of them in nearby dungeons which would have been previously unavailable prior to starting the Vampire Cure quest.

From the Wiki page, places that always have an empty Grand Soul Gem:

  • Calindil at the Mystic Emporium in the Market District has one, which can be bought or pickpocketed.
  • With the exception of Skingrad, the merchant in each city's Mages Guild has one which can either be bought or pickpocketed.
  • You can steal one from Melisande's basement (accessible through the fireplace next to her bed).
  • There is one in the Arch-Mage's Lobby of the Arcane University. It is in a locked display case along with two more Grand Soul Gems that are not empty.
  • There is one in a locked display case in the Mage Quarters of the Arcane University at the bottom of the staircase on the left as you enter.
  • The Chorrol Mages Guild has an empty one in a locked display case in a room just left of the front door, and another one in a display case beside the stairs. If you are a Guild member, picking the locks and taking the gems will not count as a crime.
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If you are not interested in the quest, you can get the Vile Lair Official Plug-in and use the font of renewal to cure your vamprism.

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