After activating or buying a Game via Desura, you can view your Keys for the game itself or other Digital Distribution Services on this page.

But how do you access this page in the Desura Client?

  • I found it, but I'm going to see if there's a quicker way to get to it. For the record, the Desura client could still use a lot of work.
    – GnomeSlice
    Commented Sep 6, 2013 at 15:08

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I've never actually used this section of Desura before, but it's called the 'Collection'. It doesn't appear to have a dedicated navigation spot in the client, but I found how to get to it anyway. Worth noting is that the Desura client is largely a glorified web browser that uses the Desura website as the content.

  • Go to your 'Gifts History' section through the dropdown menu at the top, or through the footer at the bottom of any non-library page.

History > Gifts History

Dropdown navigation to gifts


Footer Naviagation

  • Then click the link to your collection. It's near the top.

Collection link is near the top

Why you can only get to it through the gifts section, I have no idea. It does seem quite strange. Hopefully they streamline the client some more eventually, although it's been pretty unchanged for quite a while.

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