These are the ways I've found to gain and lose Piety in Europa Universalis 4 so far:

  • Random events: +/- 10 or 25
  • Declare war: +/- X depending on the target's religion

Twice now in my game as the Ottomans I've been cooking along at +100 Piety when a conversion succeeds. I open the Religion tab only to find I've dropped considerably with no explanation: to +45 one time and +15 the other.

The second time happened very quickly. Within the space of two months starting at 100 Piety my leader died with an heir, I received a -10 Piety random event which should have dropped me to 90, and I converted a province. But the Religion tab showed me at +15 so something must have dropped me to +25.

Do you lose Piety when a leader dies, or does each leader come in with a random Piety?

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According to the Paradox Wiki Muslim Religion section, you lose 75% on death. That fits arithmetically.

When a new ruler succeeds to the throne, the Piety score is reset and 3/4 of the piety score is lost, the new sultan is not assumed to be as impious or as pious as his predecessor.

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