When you get the "gift" from Ezic, you get the option to burn it on both occasions.

If you don't burn it, you'll be reported by your neighbors and lose your savings for you "suspicious wealth".

Is there a way to keep the money and still play the game to the last day?


Sadly, there is no way.

Source: Papers Please Wiki

Is there any way to keep the 1000 or 2000 credit EZIC gift?

No. The EZIC money you receive on day 11 or 12 will always be confiscated, together with any other savings you have. Your neighbour always "reports you for your wealth", even if you have done nothing to appear wealthy. Allowing an EZIC agent (Stepheni Graire) to enter the country will prevent you being arrested for receiving the money, but it will not allow you to get the money back. If you burn the money, you will get to keep your other savings.

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The game has a script always forcing your 'neighbor' to report your wealth no matter what so it's best just to burn it instead of keeping it because you might go into dept after that...If you really want to keep the 1000-2000 credit EZIC gift then try to break the script of the neighbor reporting it and maybe you will be rich for the rest of the game..

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