When the AI drives the combine, he automatically stops and opens the pipe when the harvester storage becomes full. This requires human input to offload the harvested material. Is there a way to automate this process?

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Not by default, but just stumbled upon a mod called course:play which allows you to automate quite a bit, including a combi mode:

The combi mode is very similar to the Driving helper mode, in that the tractor drives a course and unloads at a trigger. But, in addition, the driver unloads a working combine or chopper on the field.

I have tested it myself, and although it can be a bit tricky to set up the first time, it works pretty great once you get how it going.


You can empty the harvester by driving the trailer under the auger; you can go back to harvesting afterward.

  • This doesn't answer the question; how do you automate offloading the harvested material? That is, how do you make it happen without you having to do anything? Commented Nov 15, 2013 at 21:31

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