Given an enemy ship with 1/1/1 shields/O2/medbay, is it possible to suffocate the crew using only one Ion Blast Mark II? Bonus points for video proof :)

I ran out of drones on my Torus and have no other weapons :(


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Holy crap, it is:

Suffocation with Ion Blast II

I was fighting the dread pirate Tuco and after he ran out of bombs (and thus could no longer damage my ship with only a single puny laser) I set my Ion Blast II on his O2 and went to watch some football.

When I came back he was still alive, but all my crew members had been fully leveled at their respective stations, and after I switched to his medbay after a few rounds of knocking out his shields and medbay his crew suffocated!

And after all that, of course I did not get any drone parts out of it...

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