Ive bred my mountain dragon with my rain dragon at least 10 times now and still havent gotten a sapphire dragon. Both are at level 10 and Im on level 20. How long is it going to take and what am I doing wrong??

  • breeding a sapphire question is by chance you cant expect to get it just because you bred those two 10 times... – David Toh Sep 13 '13 at 8:38

As pointed out on the Gemstone Dragons wiki entry, all gemstone dragons have a very low chance of being bred. Breeding them on the epic breeding isle improves those odds slightly but ten failures is well within the expected bounds.

(Some math: Even if the chance for a gemstone is as high as 10% -- and while I don't know the actual percentage I expect it's even lower your chance of missing ten times in ten shots would be 35%, give or take. If it's 5%, that chance would increase to 60%.)

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