I've bought the standard MoP version that's tied(?) to US. So is it possible for me to play on the EU realms too ?

Do you need separate battle.net accounts/game-subscriptions/clients to play on the US and EU realms ?

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No, You need different account to play on EU if you only have a US account. You don't need different game clients as you can change in the files to go from US to EU. If you want to make a EU battle net account you can go to http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/.

To change from US to EU

  1. Go into your "World of Warcraft" folder
  2. Go into the "WTF" folder
  3. Open the "Config" file with "Notepad"
  4. Make your top 2 lines look like this. (Copy and paste it if you like)

    SET locale "enGB"
    SET installLocale "enUS"
  • Is there any way of transferring a US account to EU ?
    – Traxex1909
    Sep 16, 2013 at 7:35
  • I believe there is, but I think you have to contact blizzard support for that.
    – Charkz
    Sep 16, 2013 at 7:47

You need to buy an EU account even though you have a US account. If you already have an EU account, you can change the client locale from US to EU by changing a couple things in your Config.wtf file in the WTF folder:

SET locale "enGB"
SET installLocale "enGB"

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