Gold find, magic find and bonus experience for the follower adds a 20% to your total. From rings and an amulet the follower can get 100% more gold find, so you get 20% more gold find.

What is the maximum gold find that can be obtained from each type of follower?


The best you can achieve is 150% (30% for you) with Eirena (the enchantress) :

The other possibilities is 135% (27% for you) for Kormac (the templar) :

  • 50% on a rare amulet
  • 50% on rare rings(2x)
  • 25% on the shield
  • 10% with the Wirt's original Leg

The scoundrel can't achieve much (only amulet and rings) since I don't remember any crossbow or bow giving gold find


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