I notice that, on Xbox at least, both RB and A are assigned to handbrake. I had a look at the controls and noticed that A is also used for answering the phone in the vehicle, so my question: is there any difference between the two handbrakes? I know on a bike there is additional braking controls (different buttons for front and back brakes) but presumably this is not the case in a car.

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According to the manual, there is no difference.

A and RB buttons are both mapped to the handbrake, so it's just for convenience.

Personally, I alternate between the two based on what I am doing.


When I want to change weapons, X, and make an immediate sharp turn, I would use A.

Otherwise, I would use RB (especially if I had to answer the phone).

Hope this helps!


i think that rb is for making weaker powerslide like drifts making a lil turn or something while the a handbrake is slicker and stronger turning making good powerslides and pulling off the drifts

  • Hi Dee! Would you have any other information that would help pad out your theory?
    – NBN-Alex
    Oct 11, 2016 at 17:01

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